Weber Speakers

I am now offering Weber Speakers for your guitar amplifier.

Please check out Weber Speakers to get prices.  I offer the same price as on the Weber site, but you can save shipping on Weber Speakers by having them installed in your new Fender Replacement Cabinet by Armadillo Amp Works.  Weber Speakers have become an industry standard for guitar amplifiers.

Speakers are a huge part of your tone, so do your research and find out what the best Weber speakers are for your particular amplifier.

Weber Alnico Speaker in a Fender Brown Concert

Weber Alnico’s in a Fender Brown Concert cabinet by Armadillo Amp Works

 Weber offers  a wide range of guitar replacement speakers, which are custom tailored to be the best sounding speakers for many different vintage amplifiers.  They have a great selection of ceramic and alnico, and Neo speakers, and you can choose from an array of  colors, wattage, ohms, voice coils, diameters, and dope.  They even offer a hemp cone on some of their models.  If you are looking for the top of the industry guitar amplifier speakers then be sure to order some Weber Speakers for your tube amplifier.  All Weber Speakers are hand made and tested at the Weber Speaker factory for guaranteed quality, and reliability.  If you are an amp builder you should consider Weber Speakers for your new line of amplifiers.  You will get the best tone and they add value to your amplifiers.  Weber Speakers are American made and they take pride when making their speakers.

Check out this link to help you with which speaker are best suited for your amplifier.  This shows you which Weber Speakers are best for your amp.  It is also helpful in showing you how to read speaker codes, and what they mean, on various speakers such as Jensen, Oxford, Utah, Cleveland, and Altec.

So don’t forget to order your Weber Speakers and have them installed in your new custom amplifier cabinet form Armadillo Amp Works.  I take pride in putting Weber Speakers in my Amplifier Cabinets!

Weber Speakers