Armadillo primarily offers Fender Style Replacement Cabinets, cabinet parts like back panels and baffle boards, Custom Amplifier Cabinets & Design, and Vintage Amp Restorations. Armadillo doesn’t offer all the Marshall and Vox cabs it used to but a few are still avaliable, sorry for any inconvenience!

 I also now offer Jensen Speakers and Weber Speakers.  As well you can get other products like Guitars,  Tubes & Books, and Fender & Gibson T-Shirts!

fender custom cabinet, tv front, vintage fender cabinets, tv front pro

Custom TV Front Deluxe

All  custom amplifier cabinets are finger-jointed solid Spruce, handmade with no cnc. Fur and or birch baffles and back panels. The vinyls, tolex, and tweeds are applied to your custom amplifier cabinets surface with only vintage style glue (horse or cake glue) like used on all Fender vintage amps. This type of glue when cured sounds much better than more modern glues and rubber cements, which are usually toxic and can dampen the tone of your custom amplifier cabinet!! All craftsmanship is guaranteed as long as you own your cabinet.

Custom Amplifier Cabinets Rear View of Closed Back

Closed Back Custom Speaker Cabinets for a Fender Blues Deville Guitar Amplifier

Remember that new custom amplifier cabinets will compress, so tighten up all your hardware regularly to avoid buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Easy on them speaker nuts!!! Cabinet hardwares are also available for the Fender and Marshall style cabinets.

Custom V Front Cabinet for a Fender Bassman Amplifier

Custom 4*10 V Front Cabinet by Armadillo Amp Works.







Here are illustrations of a custom amplifiers prototype that I redesigned for First Act, a large company out of Boston that has its own brand of musical instruments.

I redesigned the cabinets to be more servicable/userfriendly, plus made them much stronger, including finger-joints.

Finger-jointed amplifier cabinet

Finger-Joints on the V Stack Prototype

Here is what the final version ended up looking like that I sent back to First Act.  The same look they came up with but a much better cabinet design that could also withstand the overwhelming stress of being shipped all the way from China!


Tiger Skin 2*12 Speaker Cabinet by Will Dyke

Tiger Skin 2*12 Speaker Cabinet by Will Dyke


Warranty/Personal Guarantee

All workmanship on my Custom Amplifier Cabinets and Fender Replacement Cabinets is guaranteed for the life of the cabinet.  If you are not satisfied with your cabinet you can return it and I will refund the total cost of the cabinet.

This is my personal guarantee!

Will R. Dyke

Thanks for purchasing your Custom Amplifier Cabinets from Armadillo Amp Works

marshall 18 watt bluesbraker repro

Custom Marshall 18 wt Combo Amplifier

Totally Customized 18 wt Marshall Combo Cabinet

One of a Kind Marshall Combo/18 wt Heaven

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