My First Amp

It was a Peavy Backstage 80

I remember mine!

It was finally time to go.  Mimi, my grandmother of 14 or so years, was taking me to the local guitar shop to get a guitar, man I was stoked.  The smell of the store was intriguing but not familiar.  I was in place in an unfamiliar world, and I was liking it very much, this wonderful guitar and instrument filled candy store.

I really wanted to start playing drums but they seemed too loud for Mimi and Mom, so I glanced over at the used electrics and saw her.  A beautiful Aria Les Paul copy in blond with mary kay and she screamed at me.  I was more than happy to hear the man say it was in our price range, so I took it off the wall and gazed in amazement at this beautiful guitar.  It didn’t play like my old acoustic which I had since I was 8 or so, it was quiet and needed an amp to hear it proper.  Mimi asked about suggestions for a practice amp and I wound up with a small combo, probably a few watts and an 8″ speaker, no distortion.  I didn’t realize how important the amp would be to get a good sound until I got it back home.

My Grandfather Gagy, whom was sitting in his normal chair for the evening, was excited to see his grandson with this new instrument and amplifier.  I plugged the guitar in and turned on, and then up, and then up and then no more volume.

I could barely hear it it seemed, such a small sound for this great guitar, but I was not going to complain, for I had already won the jackpot, but Gagy stopped me, and then yelled to Mimi “you better take this damn amp back and exchange it for a one that I can hear when he plays!”  Wow, that was it, no questions, we were back in the car and off to the candy store to get a bigger piece.

I ended up with a Peavy Backstage 80 watt combo, which for the time blew me away and really blew everyone in the house away.  It was quite loud and had great sustain and distortion.  I was off to power chord heaven and I will never forget how the amp inspired me to play!  I am off to biggeer and better things now but the point is that the Peavy, at the time, inspired me to play.

Peavy Backstage 80 Guitar Amplifier

Peavy Backstage 80 Guitar Amplifier

I had no idea that amps would end up being such a big part of my life some time later on in life.  I have learned that if your amp doesn’t inspire you to play then you need to find another amplifier that does.


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