How Did The Boutique Amp Craze Get Started

We have to give praise to those who made the boutique amp industry.  Share your knowledge and opinions as to who is really responsible.

Look at this wonderful Boutique Amp!

Totally Custom Boutique Amp by Ace Pepper

After all, the tube amplifier industry has grown into a billion dollar industry since tube amplifiers became popular again.  Boutique amp and more lucrative companies together have brought back the tube industry, and yes there are tube factories pumping out tubes right now!!

Boutique Amplifier Chassis

hand wired boutique amp chassis by Ace Pepper

I can tell you this, that back in the day Gerald Weber of Kendrick was probably the one who started it all. After Gerald was getting some success other boutique amp companies started to pop up everywhere.  The idea of mail order amps was a big gamble, but it paid off, and really brought back a whole industry.


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