Fender Relic Cabinet

Get a Fender Relic Cabinet by Armadillo Amp Works for your tweed amplifier.

Fender Replica Cabinet for a Tweed Deluxe

Fender Replica Cabinet Tweed Deluxe Heavy Relic

Got a Fender reissue bassman, or maybe a tweed deluxe that needs a new cabinet??  Or how about a Fender Relic Guitar that needs a matching cabinet?

Light Relic Fender Tweed Pro Amplifier Cabinet

Tweed Pro Cabinet Light Relic by Armadillo Amp Works

 Well how about making it look like its vintage counterparts and get a Fender Relic Cabinet made to house your tweed amplifier chassis.

With over 20 years of building Fender Replacement Cabinets I have the experience needed to build you a beautiful Fender Relic Cabinet to make your amplifier look absolutely vintage.

Wide Panel Tweed Super Fender Replacement Cabinet Relic

Fender Replacement Cabinet for a Tweed Super with Heavy Relic Finish

 Weather you want a light relic or a hard relic with cigarette burns and bottle rings I can make it happen for you.


Relic cabinets are an additional $75 for the light relic and $100 for the hard relic.  The hard relic cabinets have cigarette burns and bottle rings.  For Pricing on non relic cabinets, and ordering information please see my price page, or email me for a quote on a custom amplifier cabinet or a Fender Relic or Replacement  Cabinet.

Below are some examples of Fender Relic Cabinets I have built.

If you have a Fender Relic Cabinet I built please send me pictures of the cabinet with the chassis mounted in it so I can add it to my picture gallery.  Thanks you for visiting Armadillo Amp Works and please contact me if you would like to order a Fender Relic Cabinet.


Check out Fender and the Fender Custom Shop to see all the great guitars and amplifiers they have to offer.  Without Fender I would never have learned to do what I do!  Who would have thought the the old Fender amps would have ever become the inspiration they are for enthusiasts and amp builders alike.  Thanks Leo!!