How Did The Boutique Amp Craze Get Started

We have to give praise to those who made the boutique amp industry.  Share your knowledge and opinions as to who is really responsible. After all, the tube amplifier industry has grown into a billion dollar industry since tube amplifiers became popular again.  Boutique amp and more lucrative companies together have brought back the tube industry, and yes there are […]

Tone and Glue

Ever think about tonal qualities of glue??  Glue can dampen your cabinets tone, so I like to use animal glue to apply amp coverings.   It dries with a very woody characteristic which drastically decreases cabinet dampening as compared to using most other adhesives.  The resin or cake glue also is non toxic and has great work-ability, and […]

A speaker cabinets role in the tone equation is essential

Understanding the importance of a speaker cabinet and its role in the tone equation is essential in building a good sounding amplifier. Unlike a conventional speaker cabinet, or an acoustical suspension cabinet, a guitar amplifier cabinet gets a lot of its tone from the type of wood the cab is made out of.     […]

My First Amp

It was a Peavy Backstage 80 I remember mine! It was finally time to go.  Mimi, my grandmother of 14 or so years, was taking me to the local guitar shop to get a guitar, man I was stoked.  The smell of the store was intriguing but not familiar.  I was in place in an unfamiliar […]

How To Get The Ultimate Guitar Tone

Getting Great Guitar Tone involves several factors.  This post will touch on a few of the most important elements to achieve above average guitar tone while playing the electric guitar.  I am going to explain so anyone might understand it and I will elaborate on each of the 6 topics listed below in the form […]