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I have continued to grow my reputation over the past 20 plus years thanks to great customers.

I just got your cab a few minutes ago. I can’t do anything with it yet as I have no speakers, but I got the amp mounted….HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!This thing looks so damn amazing it scares me!! Like holy hellllll……You sir are a goddamn master and should be voted best person ever!! Beyond stellar works! I have attached a few pics! Next tweed cab I need, or anyone else for that matter, I am pointing them your direction buddy boy!


Armadillo Amp Works Reviews



Mathew Brown




I don’t know how you to do it bro, the cab is gorgeous and the attention to detail is right on.  I’m knocked out. It’s exactly what I wanted. I installed all of the innards in it before going to work today and everything went together and lined up perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with it. Fabulous work as usual.

Thank you!!


Will, I finally got the 1962 Fender Vibrolux put back together and thought I would send you a thank you note.  I also Thought I’d share a before and after….Just have to say that the quality of your work is second to none. Fantastic work. I’m an architect – and professionally speaking… your work is custom furniture quality work. Thank you SO much.

Sincerely, Patrick H

I also Thought I’d share a before and after….
Hi Will, the cab arrived today and I just got done putting it together. Man, you do incredible work my friend. 1st, it looks absolutely stunning (and smells good too). 2nd, the Dual showman just dropped in, no fuss, unbelievable. And 3rd, the box just sounds freakin amazing !! Really, it barks. double stop bends and wide intervals coax extraordinary harmonics (the antique pine is awesome). There’s also a sweet sweet midrange and the highs are pronounced but not shrilly (is that a word). Absolutely delighted beyond words. The Dual Showman Reverb head is a 68′ and was modded by Bill Krinard (of Two-Rock amps). It’s now in the perfect cab. I can’t thank you enough !!! Armadillo Amp Works Reviews
All the very best to you and yours –
Mark Dziuba
All the very best to you and yours –

These great Armadillo Amp Works Reviews make me feel blessed!  Great customers and I owe it all them.

I received the 5E3 cab today Will.

Thanks so much, this is absolutely a work of art.  I love it.  You are a skilled guy!



Thanks for the pics and the great Armadillo Amp Works Reviews

Hi! Cabinet came and it’s gorgeous, absolutely fantastic work Will!!Armadillo Amp Works Reviews Champ Relic Cab

Thanks and more orders in future for sure. Best regards!


Hi Will,

Just want to let you know that I got the cabinet. It looks great. Best looking  tweed cabinet I have ever seen. Everything fits  perfectly and it sounds awesome. Thank you so much for your help and your great work.


The head and cabs arrived yesterday. Your workmanship is just amazing. I couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out. If you ever need a reference just let me know.
Many thanks,

Hey Will Happy Holidays! Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Holiday and all. Cab arrived in perfect shape. You are the bubble wrap king! The cab is perfect. Better than I had imagined! You are quite the craftsman! It really shows the pride you take in your work! Thanks so much… Tim.

Oh and it sounds great too! Thanks again
Received the SR head cab and plugs for SR & TR cabinets.  Awesome work, my friend!  Thanks a lot!!  See my new family portrait below, just have to get the grills better matched.
Jeff Maloney
hey will,
cabinets arrived late yesterday.  already getting dark by the time i unboxed them.  so didn’t
really get a look until this morning.  they are gorgeous!  the ported back cab is awesome!  nice job!
exceeds my expectations!  the cut-outs are perfect!  this is a cabinet Fender should have offered
during the ’61 ~ ’62 blonde era.  then players wouldn’t have had to cut holes in the backs of their cabs!
really cool.  can’t wait to get the D130F in it!  the baffle boards fit like gloves, by the way.  little or
no trimming required.  we’ve really gotten good at the shared dimension game.  scary good.
i’ve worked with guys on job sites who couldn’t measure that accurately!  lol!
another well executed collaboration.  now that we’ve done all three tone ring cabs i have
no idea what the next project might be!  this collection of blondes when lined up is
more awe inspiring than a trip to the Fender museum!  way, way, cool.  really
appreciate the quality of your work and this rare opportunity to quite
literally build these things together.  couldn’t have found a better
partner for the exercise!
life is full of obstacles, set-backs, and disappointments.  this endeavor, most
happy to say, hasn’t been one of them! 
if i ever make it down to Austin, we’ve got to do lunch!  or dinner!  on me!!

Hi Will,
Just wanted to let you know the cabinet showed up safe and sound today.  I have to say, I’m blown away by how great this thing looks!  All the custom dimensions are perfect- spot on!  The tweed with relic treatment looks amazing.  The detailed finish work inside the cabinet is the icing on the cake.  Best aftermarket cabinet I’ve ever seen.  Thanks so much, Will, I do appreciate your effort and craftsmanship!  Have a great weekend!




        Cabinets arrived safely this afternoon. As always, superb
workmanship!  Best wishes.


Hey Will,
My Tweed Bassman 4×10 hard relic arrived in perfect shape..(beautiful packaging by the way). What can I say…I’m completely knocked out! This cab looks like it’s been rode hard and put away wet for decades. Very impressive indeed. The inside has that authentic Fender stain hue as well. I couldn’t be happier with it. I highly recommend everyone to check out your high end work before settling for something “close enough”.This is a excellent example of “you get what you pay for”.
Much thanks again Will,
Michael McDermott 

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Just got the cab.  You’re a GENIUS!!!  It is better than I thought it would be and I had HIGH expectations.


This is perfect!!!

On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 6:25 PM, Ryan Singer


The cabinet is excellent, as promised. Thanks for the fine product!


Hi Will,

 Just want to let you know that I got the cabinet. It looks great. Best looking  tweed cabinet I have ever seen. Everything fits  perfectly and it sounds awesome. Thank you so much for your help and your great work. Cheers,


Hi Will!

I finally got the Princeton Reverb finished. Your workmanship is excellent and it sounds much better than the original cab.


They delivered it about 20 minutes ago (driver told me he had 160 stops. It was loaded before 8 this morning and got here at about 8 pm). I put the head in right away and just need to dig out the speakers and tubes to get it up and running again. Looks terrific. Maybe I’ll send a pic when it’s all in one piece. Thanks again,
John Kally =

Hi Will
 I’ll get a check in the mail tomorrow morning. It’s just beautiful! You are an artist! Pics to follow.

Howdy Will,


Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner to tell you about the fine job you did on the custom cabinet for me. The wood work was excellent and everything fit just as I had planned for it to do. The customer was very happy with the final product. When I can get together enough money for myself I will contact you and get a Deluxe Reverb cab from you… the bottom wood has rotted out of my ’68 and I have to baby it around when I take it out, LOL. I know I’ll get a good product from you when I need it. I will refer anyone looking for a cab to you in the future.


Thanks again!

 Bird Dog
        Arrived safely today. Beautiful workmanship!! Thanks.

Hi Will,


Cabinets arrived today in good shape. They look great. I have the speaker cabinet assembled with the re-coned vintage Oxford speakers I bought and it sounds really good, and vintage. Thanks for building me a fabulous set of cabinets.

    Looks fantastic,  exactly the way I wanted it. Thank you for the great communication and getting it done in a Timely fashion. I will take some video and pictures with my 50’s Guitars. Will Holler when I get it

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I received the cabinet today and just wanted to tell you how impressed I
am. Man, you do nice work! Thank you for making such a fine product.



Hi Will
I just wanted to thank you again for your great work.  It arrived today in perfect condition, and everything fits exactly.  The finish work is great, and the maroon linen looks just like the original.  Also, Thanks for the mounting hardware.
Thanks again for a fantastic job.
Thanks, Will. Everything fits perfect and looks cool.  You’re the Man.
Great job!
Hey Will,
Baffle arrived. Great fit, great look and 1/8″ transformer clearance.
You do great work!
Hi Will
Wanted to get back to you, sorry for the delay.
I got the cabinet back a few days ago, all I can say is, the job you did is unbelievable, you are a master at what you do.
The thing  is perfect, it looks like it came from the factory, it’s beautiful !!!
I will try to help promote your work when ever I can !!!
Thanks you so much !!!
Take Care

I just Love you guys for all the great Reviews for Armadillo Amp Works!!!

Once again thanks the cabinet is beautiful
Terry scott
The cabinet arrived this evening. It is beautiful. I really appreciate the great work!
Best regards,
Will, that amp looks fantastic WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , Thanks, Carl

Got it!!! Very nice man! Fits perfect!!!!!!!

Thanks you so much,
I almost cried!!  Thanks for the great work.
j cometta

 And a few more Armadillo Amp Works Reviews

Hi Will,just thought I,d drop you a line to let you know that I think the vibrolux cabinet you built for me looks wonderful and is everything I was expecting,just to bad I haven,t had a chance to put the head out of the old cabinet into it yet to hear how it sounds,but I will get to it hopefully soon.  Take care Will and I’m sure we’ll get chatting sometime down the line;   Dean Harbottle; Ontario Canada

Great! They look like a work of art.

Thank You,
Just picked it up. Great job, I’m very impressed.  And turnaround was just silly compared to the amp I sent to Ho—– , which took over a year.  I’ll get the speakers and chassis back in and send you some pics. Thanks,
John =
Got it today. Awesome. Installed the chassis in about an hour. Incredible. See the pic attached.
Hey Will,
    I got the case a couple days ago, and it’s exactly what I was looking for.  I’ve got a vintage ’59 case and your relic job looks spot on.  It’s got wear in all the right places, and the hardware looks great.  Did you relacquer it?  It sort of smelled like it, and I was just curious because whatever you did looks great.  If I ever need any more tweed work done, you’ll definitely be at the top of my list for the job!  Thanks again!
Thomas Hughes
 Thanks everyone for the great Armadillo Amp Works Reviews.  It has been a true pleasure working with all of you!