Amplifier Cabinets /Orders & Pricing

I now drill chassis holes on all Fender Replacement Cabinets and finish the inside of the cabinets with an authentic vintage correct finish and install chassis shielding(screen).  This is included in the price!

Scroll Down for Fender Replacement Amplifier Cabinets Pricing or email me for a quote on a Custom Amplifier Cabinet.  There is no up charge to change chassis cut out size or most speaker configurations.

For pricing on restorations please go to   the Fender cabinet restorations page.

 Please email me for details on speaker pricing and check out my Jensen Speaker page for Jensen prices or go to the Weber Speakers page for information on Weber Speakers.

My Custom Amplifier Cabs ship United States Postal Service or UPS.

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Below you will find prices on Fender Replacement Cabinet packages and bare amplifier and speaker cabinets.

Once you have placed your order I will email you an invoice.  You then can either mail in your deposit or use PayPal to make your deposit.

All  Amplifier Cabinet orders have a small packaging fee ranging from $5 on small  amplifier cabinets to $15 for very large cabinets.  My  Custom Fender Replacement Cabinets are packed with bubble wrap to avoid damage during shipping.   This is necessary to provide proper protection and to be within the shipping guidelines for insurance claims in case of damage.  I have only had one cabinet be damaged in almost 20 years of shipping my custom amplifier cabinets.

There is a $100  deposit required on all custom amp cabs and Fender replacement cabinet orders.

Payment Methods

1.  US Money Order (payable to Will Dyke)

2. PayPal



                          Current Fender Replacement Cabinet Pricing

                                         ** prices include lacquering the tweed with 2 coats hand brushed **                        Custom Fender Amplifier Cabinet Tweed Deluxe                                                                 

Fender Tweed Replacement Cabinets

Prices reflect narrow panel cabinets.

Add $10 for T.V. fronts and $20 for Wide panel versions.
Custom V- fronts available upon request

Tweed era
bare cabinets package
1×8 (Champ style, heads) $150 $245
1×10 (Princeton/Harvard) $160 $255
1×12 (Deluxe style) $170 $290
1×15 (Bandmaster or Pro style) $180 $295
2×10 (Super style) $175 $300
2×12 (Twin or Pro Reverb style) $195 $340
3×10 (Bandmaster style) $200 $345
4×10 (Bassman style) $200 $345
stand-alone Reverb $135 $225
 All tweed cab packages come with finger-jointed pine cab, baffle, backs, tweed,  handle, speaker mounting hardware, chassis bolts, and feet glides.  

Bare Cabinets include no hardware, coverings, or grill cloth…just the wood cabinet.

Lacquered tweed is included (two coats), hand brushed.  Additional coats are $12.50.

(click here for a visual of standard lacquer 1)        (click here for  standard lacquer 2)






Blackface & Brownface Fender Replacement Cabinets

(standard prices include your choice for black, blonde, or brown tolex)Twinn Reverb Fender Replacement Cabinet

1×8 (Champ, heads)——————-$145——–$230

 1×10 (Princeton)————————$155——–$245

1×12 (Deluxe, Deluxe Reverb)——–$160——–$275

1×15 (Vibroverb)————————-$175——–$295

2×10 (Vibrolux)—————————$175——–$285

2×12 (Twin Reverb, Pro Reverb)——$190——–$300

4×10 (Concert, Super Reverb)——– $195———$310

4×12 (Quad Reverb)———————$225———-$385

** All Slant Front cabinets are made like a blackface style cabinet with a floating baffle board. No velcro two piece baffle, and aluminum trim is not available**

Packages come with finger-jointed pine cab, backs, baffle,  feet glides, strap handle, corners, speaker mounting hardware, and jack ferrule with 1/4″ jack.  

As well all cabinets are finished on the inside with a vintage correct finish and chassis shielding(screen).

Prices do not include wiring harness.

                                          Extension Cabinet PricingFender Blackface Bassman Speaker Cabinet


1×12 (Bassman, Bandmaster)———————————————–$185——–$325

2×12 (includes divider)——————————————————–$200——–$350

1×10 (Tremolux)—————————————————————–$175——–$315

2×10 (Tremolux)—————————————————————-$185———$325

1×12, 1×15 (Small Showmans~21″ x 32″)——————————–$200———$350

1×12, 1×15, 2*15 (Showman and Dual Showman 24 1/2″ x 36″)—$255———-$405

**Tone Ring Cabinets are $165 extra**

Piggy Back Hardware as well as other Hardware is available upon request.

                                                                   (Prices below reflect installation)

Tilt Back Legs__________$55

Slider bars for Heads____$40

Thumb Screws__________$15

Thumb Screw Receptacles__$20

Chassis Straps with bolts___$15

Casters (removable)_______$30


 Bare Cabinets include no hardware, coverings, or grill cloth…just the wood cabinet.Bare Wood Super Reverb Amplifier Cabinet


Custom colors available upon request.

I drill chassis holes on tweed and blackface style cabinets.