A speaker cabinets role in the tone equation is essential

Understanding the importance of a speaker cabinet and its role in the tone equation is essential in building a good sounding amplifier. Unlike a conventional speaker cabinet, or an acoustical suspension cabinet, a guitar amplifier cabinet gets a lot of its tone from the type of wood the cab is made out of.



Finger-jointed Cabinet by Armadillo Amp Works

Finger-Joints on a solid pine speaker cabinet


Please stay in tune with this site and my blog to learn how to get good tone and tips on building your own speaker cabinets. I love playing my Fender Stratocasters through a great tube amp, there is no substitute for tone. Don’t be fooled by speaker cabinet simulators!

A Gibson Les Paul through aVintage Marshall stack will do the trick to…try putting your American and British setups together and you’ve really got a monster, the possibilities are limitless!  A closed back 4*12 speaker cabinet

Marahsll Style 4*12 in Construction

Marahsll Style 4*12 in Construction in Baltic Birch Plywood with Finger-Joints

 mixed with a open back speaker cabinet will really fill a stage, you got punch and fullness by using a different types of speaker cabinet.

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