Fender Amplifier Cabinets and Vintage Amp Restoration

~Reproduction Fender Amplifier Cabinets by Armadillo Amp Works~

Fender Amplifier Cabinets Restoration

(above picture is an original Fender Cabinet that has been restored with a relic finish)

 I build my Fender amplifier cabinets to look as authentic as possible.  All Cabinets come with a period correct interior finish and are ready to load chassis and speakers.

TV Deluxe Custom Amplifier Cabinet

Period correct interior finish on a TV front Deluxe cabinet.

Chassis holes, chassis shielding, and lacquered tweed is all included in the price of all of my Fender Amplifier Cabinets.  You will not find this with most other cabinet manufacturers.   I also use animal glue to apply my tweed and tolex. 

I offer a choice of lacquer finishes which is included in the price, click the links below to choose what you would like on your new cabinet!

(Click for standard lacquer 1)          (Click for standard lacquer 2)

 As well I offer a relic service to make your cabinet look older.  Check out the Fender Relic Cabinet page.

Be sure to check out Armadillo Amp Works reviews of custom Fender Amplifier Cabinets that customers have purchased!


5E3 Fender Tweed Deluxe Cabinets

5E3 Tweed Deluxes

Jensen and Weber amplifier speakers are also available to be loaded into your new Fender amplifier cabinets.  From TV Front, Narrow Panel, and Wide Panel Tweed cabinets, to the tolex era amp cabs Armadillo offers a wide range of Custom Fender Replacement Cabinets as well as Custom Amplifier Cabinets.

Tweed Deluxe Relic and Non Relic Cabinets

Relic and Non Relic

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                                                                                                          (Contact me if you need quote on a custom amp cabinet or amp restoration)

vintage fender 1968 Replacement Amplifier Cabinets Bassman Bottom Blackface,

1968 Fender Speaker Cabinet 2*12 Bassman Bottom

When you choose Armadillo Amp Works for your replacement Fender Amplifier Cabinets or Custom Speaker Cabinets you will get personal service.

   Even after you get it you can still deal with the same person who built your cabinet.   All  replacement Fender Amplifier Cabinets and Custom Guitar Amplifier Cabinets are hand made, old school style, by someone who cares about what they are building, personally for you!

Custom Amplifier Cabinet, Fender TV Front Pro

Custom Guitar Cabinet in White Lennon. TV Front Pro Fender Replacement Amplifier Cabinets by Armadillo Amp Works!

Fender Brown Concert Cabinet with Weber Alnico Speakers

Brown Concert replacement cabinet with Weber Alnico Speakers


Save Shipping on speakers and have Armadillo Amp Works  install them in your new custom built Fender replacement cabinet.  I offer Jensen and Weber speakers for guitar amplifiers.

Custom Tweed Twin Cabinet with 5E3 chassis cutout

Tweed Twin Cabinet for 5E3 Deluxe Chassis and Weber Speakers

Armadillo Amp Works offers Jensen Speakers  at great prices. for your new custom amplifier cabinets.  I am also dealing Weber Speakers  as well.  Please contact me for prices on Weber Speakers which are now a leading replacement speaker for guitar cabinets.

 Fender Vintage Amp Restoration & Fender amplifier cabinets are my specialty, and I hand build all of my custom  amplifier cabinets and use the best glues and materials to make your Custom Fender replacement cabinet sound its best!

Fender Brown Pro Amplifier Cabinet

Brown Fender Pro Replacement Cabinet

No plywood  cabinets or Butt-Joints, I use only solid pine(white pine) hand picked boards, with Finger-joint construction for my Fender Amplifier Cabinets.   This not only helps you achieve the best tone but provides you with amplifier cabinets that will last a lifetime! 

 Make sure you are getting the best tone from your guitar amplifier and buy a custom fender amplifier cabinet for your fender amp today!

Take a look at this glue I use for typical vintage amp restoration, it is like the old glue that Fender used but no longer does!!

Don’t you want your amp restored with all possible elements being vintage correct?

Well the glue is a big part of it.  It also makes vintage amp restoration a bit more greener.  It is produced from natural substances, and will make your speaker cabinets sound better.

Animal Glue for covering vintage amplifier cabinets

Animal Glue for covering Vintage Amplifiers

So whether used on a vintage amp restoration or Fender amplifier cabinets the glue is a big part of my equation for producing the best sounding speaker cabinets.  It is non toxic so it is safe for me to work with and not harmful to mother nature!  When it dries it has a very “woody” characteristic.  It will not dampen your cabinet like most other glues used in the industry.  I use a Pot Devin glue machine to apply the glue to the  tweed or tolex.

One more important reason I use it is that it is “Vintage Correct” which makes for top notch amp restoration!  It will not change the vintage sound of the amplifier cabinet. I have  specialized in vintage amp restoration and Building Custom Fender Style Amplifier Cabinets for over two decades.  I have put together a collection of templates for most of the vintage Fender amplifier cabinets from early tweed amps up to the blackface and silverface amps.  Great tone goes hand in hand with  custom and  replica Amplifier Cabinets.  Vintage tone has become a household name to most guitar players these days and can only truly be produced with a tube amplifier and a well built Custom Guitar Cabinet.

Custom Fender Amplifier Cabinet in Louis Vuitton Fabric

Louis Vuitton Custom Bassman Cabinet made from Antique Pine

One look at all of the  boutique amplifier companies will tell you this.  Tube amps have been a big part of my life for quite some time now and I could not conceive getting tone any other way.  I apprenticed and worked at Kendrick Amplifiers for a few years back in the mid 1990’s and learned a lot about vintage amp restoration and vintage amps. Understanding the importance of an amplifier cabinets role in the tone equation is essential in building a good sounding amplifier. Unlike a conventional speaker cabinet, or an acoustical suspension cabinet, a vintage guitar cabinet gets a lot of its tone from the type of wood the cab is made out of.  Please stay in tune with this site to learn how to get good tone and tips on building your own guitar cabinet. I love playing my Fender Stratocasters through a great tube amp, there is no substitute for tone. There is nothing like solid pine speaker cabinets with a custom tube amp to make it sing! Don’t be fooled by simulations!  A Gibson Les Paul through a Vintage Marshall stack will also do the trick too!! Try putting your American and British Amplifiers together and you’ve really got a  tone monster, the possibilities are limitless!

I use Finger- Joints on all of my Custom amp cabs.  This is the best joint for tonal quality, as you get more surface contact on this type of joint technique.

I can also design you custom amplifier cabinets, or a custom tailored Fender Guitar Cabinet if you have something in mind for a project.

Each one of my Custom Fender Amplifier cabinets is made by hand with lots of love.  I only use the best materials for tonal qualities and workmanship is guaranteed on all amplifier cabinets and vintage amp restoration!  I am one of the only companies to still use the old enzyme glue which doesn’t have a negative effect on tone like many more modern adhesives do, and it is non toxic and environmentally safe. This makes my amp restorations “vintage correct” as well it helps my custom cabinets sound  better.  I never use CNC machines to do my work and will never farm out my work overseas!  This is one area where quality cannot be compromised!  As well my vintage Fender cabinet restorations are top notch and you can be assured that your guitar amplifier is safe with me.  So whether you need empty speaker cabinets for your amp building project, a recover on a vintage fender amp,  custom and replica Fender Amplifier Cabinets, or maybe you have a rare vintage amp that needs a reproduction guitar cabinet then you have come to the right place for vintage amp restoration.

I have been into vintage guitar amplifier restoration and building Fender Amplifier Cabinets for long enough to know the “tricks” to getting the best possible tone out of a cabinet.

Using the correct type of wood that has been cured properly along with the best glues and joining techniques, as well as understanding sonic applications of cabinet angles and standing waves will produce a very vibrant and resonant cabinet that will complement the best of boutique and vintage amplifiers.  My hands on experience with many types of woods and styles of cabinets, along with all the vintage amp restorations that I have done has given me this knowledge.  I now pass it on to my customers in the form of hand made custom and replica Fender Reproduction Cabinets and top notch vintage amp restorations.

Thanks for considering Armadillo Amp Works for your Vintage Amp Restoration.  I look forward to building your Fender replacement cabinet!